4 keys to conserve the battery of your devices

The battery life of all devices decreases over time. This is a reality that affects all technological devices with lithium charges, the most used today. Although the memory effect suffered by Nickel-Cadmium batteries is avoided, which is responsible for the belief that the device must be utterly exhausted before recharging so as not to lose capacity, lithium ions do degrade with Overtime.

Although many users consider changing their devices every two years, if certain habits are adopted, the life of the batteries can be much longer. If the appliances and their loads are taken care of, enjoying the smartphone throughout the day or working with the laptop without worries for years is possible. That’s why Anker Innovations, the world leader in charging technology and development of connected devices, offers 4 recommendations to maintain the battery life of technology devices longer:

Neither 0% nor 100% load. Avoid extremes

With lithium charges, it is no longer necessary to let the battery drain. In fact, reaching 0% battery is a factor that affects its durability. The same happens when the devices are charged up to 100% always. The extremes are not suitable for batteries, so we recommend leaving behind the habit of charging devices overnight. The best option is to keep devices with a charge between 30% and 80%, especially in the case of smartphones. Also, if the method is not used for a while, as can happen with cameras or Bluetooth headphones, it is convenient to leave it off with at least 60% charge, and turn it on and charge it from time to time. This maintains the health of the battery, and we avoid having to change it earlier than expected.

As far from the heat as possible

High temperatures are a natural enemy, not only of batteries but also of technological devices in general. For this reason, it is essential to keep appliances in the shade, especially mobile phones. Avoiding prolonged direct sunlight while driving, or outdoors such as the beach, is necessary to conserve battery power.

No games or videos when loading

In general, the use of any electronic device should be avoided during the charging time, as it can cause parasitic charging since the battery is discharged at the same time as it is being charged. This would affect the charge cycles and generate mini-cycles, in which part of the battery is continually charged and deteriorates faster. This situation is even more noticeable at times when energy consumption is very high, such as when a user watches videos or plays games while charging their phone.

Charging cycles, better many and short

One of the reference measures when talking about the durability of batteries is the charge cycles. It is recommended not to fully charge the phone in one go but in several charges. A full charge cycle is a 0-100 charge on any device, but this can be broken up by repeatedly charging the device for a short period. In this case, it will be preferable to make four charges of 25% battery.

On many occasions, it is not always possible to carry out short charging cycles since many times, we want to be able to have the devices available and charged without being connected to the current. In this situation, external batteries can solve this problem and help reduce the deterioration of the tools. Anker has cells with different capacities that adapt to the needs of each user and allow several devices to be connected at the same time. Thus, keeping the phone always at an intermediate charge level, preventing the headphones from running out of power or connecting the computer wherever we are to take advantage of short charging cycles will no longer be a problem.

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