7 Years Ago, This Boy Sold His Kidney to Buy iPhone 4, Now He’s Blind

Apple products are very popular in China, but they are out of reach for many citizens. IPhones are sold for 8699 to 12799 yuan ($1260 to $1855) and iPads are sold for 2,988 to 7,888 yuan ($430 to $1143).

Many of us are kidding that we will sell our kidneys for the latest iPhone, but this guy really did it and it destroyed his life.
According to Chinese media Oriental Daily, a 24-year-old young Chinese king decided to “sell the kidneys” at a price of 22,000 yuan (about RM13,000) in order to follow the trend, just to exchange for a dreaming iPhone; At that time, the place where he operated as an underground hospital.
The environment was very poor, causing his wounds to be infected and his kidney function to be damaged. He became a disabled person and was incomprehensible.
7 Years Ago, This Boy Sold His Kidney to Buy iPhone 4, Now He’s Blind
According to Chinese media reports, Xiao Wang’s family is not wealthy and belongs to ordinary working families. When he was 17 years old, the iPhone 4 was not listed for a long time. There was a wave of turmoil between the campuses. As long as one machine is at hand, it is equal to superiority.
At that time, Xiao Wang, who was only 17 years old, wanted a high-priced iPhone, but he could not buy it because of family economic factors.
7 Years Ago, This Boy Sold His Kidney to Buy iPhone 4, Now He’s Blind
So Xiao Wang began to look for other channels that can make money. He found out from other places that the body can continue to preserve body functions as long as there is a kidney, and then look around for places where kidneys can be sold. Xiao Wang finally went to an underground hospital through the black market intermediary and exchanged a kidney for 22,000 yuan (about RM13,000) to buy an iPhone.
At that time, Xiao Wang also issued a hobby saying: “One kidney is enough. If you want two, it is better to sell more!”
The mobile phone is bought, but Xiao Wang also lost his health for the rest of his life. It’s been seven years since he sold the kidneys, but because the place where the operation was performed was not clean, his wounds were infected, but he didn’t dare to tell his parents until the body couldn’t hold back. It was discovered that the function of the kidney had long been damaged, and he became a disabled person. He used to have a height of 190 cm and was a handsome little king.
Now he can only lie on his bed. It looks like he is not happy at all, and his family’s economy is, even more, Was dragged by the money for regular dialysis.
7 Years Ago, This Boy Sold His Kidney to Buy iPhone 4, Now He’s Blind
The report pointed out that although Xiao Wang’s family had reported the black market and the underground hospital, they finally got the compensation, but the son’s health could not be recalled.

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