Airline Has Bought 15,000 iPhone XR For Its Cabin Crew

Today we have known a commercial operation that we could call “high flights” since the British Airways airline has reached an agreement with Apple for the purchase of 15,000 iPhone XR for its cabin crew. The objective is clear, to facilitate the experience with the passage.

Airline Has Bought 15,000 iPhone XR For Its Cabin Crew

The reason for this purchase

The iPhone XR has been the great revelation in Cupertino of 2018. Designed as a different device, it has in its favor been a true sales success. A screen of unprecedented size, 6.1 inches, a revolutionary camera and 6 colors to choose from, has behaved tremendously well and won the favor of users.

This device, acquired by British Airways for its crew, would be loaded with custom applications to improve the experience during the flight. It will be used to access customer information, including previous flights already made and mealtime preferences, allowing for more personal attention and improved service. Bradley Smith, a 27-year-old British Airways employee, has referred to how the device is proving useful to meet customer needs.

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