Apple new MacBook Air already has a release date

It can be purchased next July 15, incorporates an M2 chip and has a 13.6-inch Liquid Retina screen.

The new MacBook Air with M2 chip MANZANA

The new laptop Apple MacBook Air with the M2 chip, will hit the market next July 15 and can be booked from this Friday, July 8through its website.

The company presented these devices at the beginning of June in the framework of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), broadcast live and presented by its CEO, Tim Cook.

These laptops feature a slim design (thickness of 11.2 mm and weight of 1.2 kg) and are equipped with a Liquid Retina display 13.6-inch capable of 500 nits of brightness and 25% brighter than the previous generation of MacBook Air.

In addition, this renewed MacBook Air to be next to the new MacBook Pro, the company’s first team to integrate the new M2 chips, which promise to offer a higher energy efficiency than the M1 models.

So, the company did not indicate the product’s availability date. Still, he did say that they could be reserved and purchased on his website and official distributors from July.

These teams, which will go on sale for 1,519 euros (1,404 euros in case of belonging to the educational field), can be reserved from this Friday.

The First Equipment That Integrates The M2 Chip

Successor to the M1 launched in 2020, the M2 inaugurates the second generation chips of the Apple M series with higher features. For starters, it includes a CPU of 8 latest generation cores that incorporate improvements in those dedicated to performance and efficiency. In addition, It has a 10 core GPUtwo more than the previous model.

The chip also promises 100 GB/s unified memory bandwidth and supports up to 24 GB of suitable high-speed memory. The M2 aspires to power process workloads even larger and more complex thanks to this.

For example, Manzana has pointed out that, with M2, the editing process in Final Cut Pro is about 40% faster than in the previous generation of processors. Also, working with other programs like Photoshop is 20 per cent faster.

By incorporating a media engine next-generation chip and another accessory for video, ProRes, the new chip promises to encode and decode video hardware acceleration. By extension, the equipment that integrates the M2 can reproduce more video sequences in quality 4K and 8K than the previous generation.

The Cupertino company has also highlighted that the redesigned MacBook Air with the M2 chip can maintain the same autonomy despite performing more complex tasks a priori. Between them, play 18 hours of video uninterrupted.

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