Bottle + – Do you want to see water with gas in any place?

Many people prefer water with gas to natural water, plus a cost that can be expensive or polluted, they are obliged to buy bottled water. As Bottle + we can be ourselves to raise our aerated water.

It is a bottle that allows you to make your water with gas where you want and that also dispenses the consumption of plastic bottles. In terms of expenses, in order to purchase this bottle at the recharging station, you are going to buy small CO2 tanks.

Bottle + - Do you want to see water with gas in any place?

It is because sim, a bottle to be able to breed a precise gasification of ether or gas for such vai being loaded through common CO2 tanks. At estação fica at home it is only used to carry a bottle like gas, you leave a bottle with a bottle of everything.

Just load the station with CO2, put a bottle on it and wait a few seconds. Deposit a bottle with water from the torneira or from another source and carregas, not botão da bottle to transform into water with gas. More simple and impossível.

Or detail (more) gadget?

In addition to allowing you to have more water whenever you want, as Bottle + you can also regulate the different levels of carbonization and also leave more or less gasified to water.

Bottle + - Do you want to see water with gas in any place?

You can gasify at least 15 times as a load, or it will allow you to have more water several times per day and also have money to buy bottles in the environment with a reduction of plastics.

Second to brand, the bottle is quite resistant and the gas adapter can be removed, both to facilitate the cleaning of the bottle, as well as for trocars for another adapter that allows this bottle to transform as soon as possible: a bottle, not producing water with gas.

Bottle + - Do you want to see water with gas in any place?

As a gas adapter, the carafe measures 9 “x 3” and the FIZZ adapter weighs about 200 grams. The car park has dimensions of 38 cm x 30 cm x 18 cm.

A carafe can be raised with 600 ml of water and it can be machine washed. There are five cores: Soda Gray, Bubbly Blue, Fizzy Turquoise, Selzer Rose and Sparkling White.

This non-Indiegogo crowdfunding product is still in the prototype phase, since the brand expects to start delivering the bottles just in October 2022.

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