EBO AIR – smart companion from your home

Here we have presented or EBO AIR that is a robot that we can control from a distance and allows us to see everything or what happens at home. Agora we present a product that promises to be even better and from Amazon, or Astro.

This robot to also ensure a remote control and can be used as a security camera, it also has other functionalities that can provide a company robot, following us or even being a delivery robot.

EBO AIR - smart companion from your home

With an ecrã touch of 10.1 inches and a resolution of 1,280 x 800 p, we can make video calls without stopping, or to grab a smartphone. It is enough to ask Astro to follow us and through his 5 MP camera we are being filmed.

Or its periscope of 1,080 p with 132 degrees of rotation also allows you to see what your smartphone does or what you want. If you are not at home, you can ask Astro to go to a division and make sure everyone is in order.

Or detail (more) gadget?

You can create a visual ID so that Astro recognizes you and communicates with you. This function also does not serve orders, you can tell me or it will be directed directly to the person.

EBO AIR - smart companion from your home

All that involves security cameras and also for more robots to be sure that there is privacy, and Amazon will think about the possibility of escorting the prohibited spaces for the robot and also a button that detaches all movements, microphones and cameras.

Or Astro deviates from any obstacle and you can configure the Astro app as different divisions of your home, to also be easier to control or robot. During the configuration this learns the map of your house.

EBO AIR - smart companion from your home

As a security camera, it allows detecting the entrance of strangers, or noises that mean overwhelming and sending you a notification to the Alexa app. You can subscrever or Ring Protect Pro for more functionalities.

O Astro also has a function of issuing captions and it is clear that the link to Alexa makes all voice settings easier and more accessible.

EBO AIR - smart companion from your home

At the battery level it is also autonomous, so when you start to download the program for less long periods and go to the station, from second to mark, it takes approximately 45 minutes to load.

This is a product that can only be purchased by invitation and as soon as you eat it in the United States of America.

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