Google Pixel 7 will be the one to launch the new Android 13

After causing a sensation in public with its new Pixel 6, Google has created several expectations for its next model, one that will have the privilege of supporting the long-awaited android 13.

The Serie Pixel 7 will come with few changes from its predecessor. In terms of design, this remains almost intact in both the Pixel 7 and its Pro version, except for the camera and sensor module, which will now be fixed to the phone’s frame for more excellent enhancement.

The size of this model will be smaller, measuring 155.6 x 73.1 x 8.7mm, except for the Pro, which will be closer to the Pixel 6 at 163 x 76.6 x 8.7mm, albeit thinner. This change will also be reflected in the screens, with a diagonal of 6.2 and 6.8, respectively. Fortunately, the resolution of the Pixel 7 will remain at FullHD + with 1080 × 2400 and a refresh rate of 90Hz, while the Pro version will do the same with QHD + with 1440 × 3120 at 120Hz.

At the processing level, the second generation of the Google Tensor Chip is expected, the same as replacing the Snapdragon 888 and allowing it to prioritize AI on the Pixel 6. However, some insiders feel that changes at the CPU level have been minimal.

The same thing happened with the cameras that will repeat the exact configuration of the last edition: 50-megapixel and 12-megapixel dual cameras and a wide-angle lens. The Pro Version will have its third camera of 48 pixels with 4x optical zoom, while the cameras for selfies will be 8 and 11.1 megapixels for each version.

A more palpable change

android 13

On the other hand, the new android 13, baptized as “Tiramisú,” will be initially released with this device and later enable other manufacturers to bring the most important news.

The first of these will be the ability to mirror screens on a Chromebook and set a language for each app separately, perfect for when you want to practice a new language or translate apps. It is beneficial for casino fans when they enter their registration details and verify the terms and conditions of the casino online, among other requirements, to benefit from your first deposit bonuses.

We have other changes and interests with the TARE tool or The Android Resource Economyso that users and developers can consult the processes and scheduled tasks to optimize the system performance of the apps, Like your energy level. In turn, “Tiramisu” will require permits from apps to issue their notifications, granting more excellent protection against data Tracking and those the user must now enable.

Finally, android-beam, the mode of transfer for multimedia files from one mobile to another with one touch, returns with the name Media Tap To Transfer. The same will happen with the screen unlocking system through the Wearable Smartwatch.

Google may not be going to throw the house out the window again and decided to play conservatively with this model, maintaining the formula with some specific improvements. The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro are expected to be ready by October with their mid-range versions by July or mid-2023, just as they did with the Pixel 6a this year.

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