Hisense integrates cutting-edge technology in its refrigerators

Hisense, which arrived in 2020, is positioned as one of the most recognized Chinese companies worldwide. Even Google published the “Top 50 BrandZ Chinese Global Brand Builders 2021, where Hisense appears within the first 10.

Within the area of ​​refrigerators, the brand launches its high-end model: RC-68 WCID, whose “My fresh choice” technology allows the equipment to have not only two, but three areas with different temperatures and completely isolated, thus avoiding the mixture of odors between refrigerated and frozen foods.

With a pandemic, the long time of confinement made society change its way of living, relating, and also eating thanks to refrigerators. They spend more time at home and teleworking is today a common dynamic that many have embraced. That is why today the place that is the heart of the home is given greater importance: the kitchen. In a Latino society, cooking and food have always been paramount, and the concepts of open kitchen and island counters are becoming stronger and stronger, which is why the choice of equipment and appliances takes greater force.


Refrigerators: 3 temperatures for the same equipment

On the RC-68 WCID, the lower right compartment can be easily converted from a freezer to a refrigerator and vice versa, with temperatures that can vary between -18 ℃ and + 5 ℃. By creating the perfect temperature environment you need, you can efficiently prolong the freshness and flavor quality of your desired foods, thus obtaining the highest performance in one of the most valuable appliances in the home.

It is during the holiday season where it is most noticeable. You got together to celebrate a secret friend with coworkers, or did a little Christmas celebration with your friends and what happened? The space in your refrigerator is not enough for all the food you have prepared. There is no room for drinks or cheeses for an aperitif, and the summer weather does not allow you to leave them outside. You need ice, but you don’t have enough space to store it in the freezer either. This is not a problem either, as the RC-68 WCID is designed for an ice and water dispenser, which can produce up to 2.2 kg of ice per day.

Whether for a family or friends New Year’s Eve meal, a business meeting, a birthday or simply because you suddenly need more cooling space, with the Hisense RC-68 WCID, you will have the versatility you need, all in one team only.

Control in refrigerators

Other key points are the Dual-Tech Cooling system, which guarantees ideal humidity levels for an odor-free refrigerator and prolonged freshness of stored food. The rear wall of the equipment is covered with stainless steel, which ensures that cold air is distributed evenly from the inside to the outside. This combination of advanced technologies ensures ideal levels of temperature and humidity at all times.

At the touch of a button, the Super Cool function will ensure rapid cooling of your food and drinks. When it’s time to stock your freezer with new food, use the super freeze function, which will quickly lower the temperature to -24 ℃ and generate cold air to quickly freeze your food and keep it in optimal condition, as well as saving 5% and 10% energy. The freezer also has 6 door shelves for storing small items.

Finally, with its recessed handles and flat doors, it is a refrigerator that will not only meet the needs of your family, but its modern and elegant design will adorn your kitchen and home.

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