How have social networks changed us?

Internet and new technologies have brought many changes to society at different levels. Above all, a revolutionary means of communication thanks to 5G technology with many possibilities for the future. Within the Internet, social networks are one of the media with the most significant impact. Therefore, we review how social networks have changed us.

Evolution of communication

Social networks are an evolution of the way we communicate. With the smartphone, it is possible to interact with other people regardless of distance. In this sense, telephone calls are a secondary option for these devices. They also offer us news and information of interest on various topics.

On the other hand, a language of its own has been formed within social networks, with memes and abbreviations. Memes are usually funny images or phrases that are used in a variety of situations. Abbreviations save typing time and often refer to the English language. Some most used abbreviations in WhatsApp are LOL (laughing out loud) or MSG (message), which mean laugh out loud Y message, respectively.

Opportunities for companies

The success of social networks means that many brands and companies have accounts to interact with other users—an opportunity to get clients or retain the current ones. Such accounts offer information about products or services or address user questions or problems.

Although there are brands that actively participate by commenting on current news or sharing memes to create trends and build trust without abusing advertising content, in the future, the metaverse could become a new business strategy for companies. Still, we will not know if it will succeed like social networks.

A place for leisure

Social networks are also a space where you can find leisure. There are accounts whose objective is to entertain instead of socialize. The entertainment content of social networks is fast and specific, with simple text messages, images, or short videos, as is the case with reels from Instagram or the shorts from YouTube.

This simple and direct format allows users to disconnect while having a coffee, traveling on the bus, or during a break at work. The same users share the content for others to see, interacting and creating a community.

Know the news

social media

There are multitudes of social media today oriented to a specific format, such as photos on Instagram, short videos on TikTok, messages on Twitter, or a mix of everything on Facebook. Each report on current events, whether national or international news and even explicit content from famous people.

Social networks instantly inform what is happening in the world. It is only necessary to follow an account of the subject or the person we want to be aware of.

Without a doubt, social networks have changed communication. They put us in contact with other people. They also inform us about news, entertain and become a marketing tool for companies. A place on the Internet that keeps us connected to the world.

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