How To Clean iPhone 6 Plus Speaker and Mic Holes

When we get a new iPhone and we put it in an otterbox defender for its safety. A few days usage when we took it out our phone from the case we found dust had been accumulating in the speaker and mic holes at the bottom of the phone. Any idea how you clean dust out? If you tried blowing and shaking to out dust but it won’t budge. May it’s really bugging you!

How To Clean iPhone 6 Plus Speaker and Mic Holes

I am using eKlenz Cleaner for cleaning my phone and you will get with this a large amount of 10, so you can get 1 pack of 10 to last almost an entire year by using these 1 time a month.

Don’t worry there was an easy way to clean out dust from the phone speakers and mic holes. Just follow those tips:

1. We use small paintbrushes.

2. if the bristles are long cut them down bout halfway.

3. You can try using cotton swabs.

4. You can also use an old toothbrush to cut the bristles very short and rubbed them. or

5. Compressed air should take care of that.

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