IOS 15 problems with WiFi

It seems that iOS 15 does not completely solve the errors that it has been presenting since it was released to the iPhone. Yes it is true that there are many new features, and very interesting as in FaceTime, or slight but relevant changes in Apple’s original browser, Safari. Despite this, as we say, there are some problems with connection failures that are displeasing several users.

Problems with app updates

And is that one of the most relevant problems is related to one of the basic functions no longer in iPhone, but in all mobile phones: we talk about updating the applications. Many users have publicly reported that they cannot update App Store applications over WiFi, although they can over data, but this can be a problem due to excessive data consumption that it may generate.



It is something that does not happen in all the models of the brand, only in the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. And although it does not happen to everyone, it does pose a real problem for those who do not have data rates additional to be able to update the apps via the App Store.

Sporadic network failures

Another of the main failures that being reported are occasional connection failures. That is, iPhone users are browsing, or downloading any content, and suddenly, the connection suffers micro cuts. On the one hand, it is not a big problem, since they are micro cuts that do not last over time and only last seconds, but they can certainly become very uncomfortable if we are in a video call, downloading some content or watching a series on-line.

And it is not a problem with your WiFi company or mobile data rate, since it has become clear that it is an iPhone bug that has even been reported on some iPad tablets.

Solutions? For the moment wait

Apple releases the solutions in each system update, so it is expected that in the next version of Apple’s operating system iOS 15.2.1 (without the need for any beta), Apple will solve these problems urgently, since although it is not about A massive error does not involve major problems, it can become uncomfortable to have a new device with these bugs, because most of these problems are being reported from the latest iPhone 13 models, which are only a few months old.

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