iPhone 15 will do without the SIM card slot

This year the iPhone 13 and all its models have hit the market. Although it has been among us for a short time, the first rumors and news about the iPhone 14 are already beginning to spread, and even about the iPhone 15. So much so that, regarding this latest model, various technological sources with access to the reports on the iPhone 15 mention that it will not bring a physical slot for the SIM card.

IPhone wireless charging

IPhone wireless charging

The iPhone 15 will arrive in 2023

Specifically, it is expected to reach the market in 2023, as has been echoed by the Brazilian media Blog do iPhone, and in the preliminary report it seems that the new models will incorporate eSIM technology instead of the already traditional physical card of SIM. Specifically with a double eSIM to have two telephone lines simultaneously.

It seems that it will be a unique feature for the iPhone 15 Pro, but it is not clear nor has it been specified if the most basic models of the iPhone that are not Pro will have eSIM or will incorporate the traditional card. It seems that Apple is working hard to implement this new standard of the future, although it is already a pioneer in it, since all its Apple Watch watches have this technology for their use.

It also doesn’t want any charging ports

It seems that everything points to that Apple wants to completely eliminate all the slots and ports of its iPhones. And we’re not just talking about the SIM card slots, but also the charging ports, as wireless charging is expected to be the new standard for the California giant’s phones as well.

The only problem that can arise from this is that eSIMS are not available in all countries in the world, so there is at least a year or two to see how Apple deals with this problem, or what is the solution that it puts In this regard, since everything seems to indicate that the eSIM as well as the wireless charging will be the new standards in telephony, and not only in Apple.

The iPhone 14 has not even hit the market and the leaks do not say much about it, but there is no doubt that the iPhone 15 project is on the table and may mean a revolution in telephony. Something similar to what happened with the notches, which have been evolving since the iPhone launched the X with that particular eyebrow.

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