iPhone SE 2020: is it really worth it?

Rumors sprang up, but the official confirmation was a jug of cold water for some. We recently talked to you about what the iPhone SE brought, a terminal that is very far from the revolution that is demanded of Apple in its range of smartphones and tablets and that, by H or by B, does not finish arriving. The launch of a terminal, a priori, obsolete in all its sections has dislodged a significant part of the consumers who, attracted by the competitive (and unusual) starting price, wonder if it is really worth buying.

iPhone SE 2020: is it really worth it?

Yes, but with nuances

This happens with every newly launched smartphone: it will be the one you are looking for if you are in a specific position. Of course, if you are an Apple fan who indulges in the latest technology, the iPhone SE is not for you. Because Apple seeks to consolidate its position as a manufacturer of high-end terminals, making it accessible to more … ‘small’ pockets, sacrificing aspects along the way that we have already seen in the iPhone 11.

And therein lies the crux of the matter: the iPhone SE will be for you if what is left on the way does not interest you. On the other hand, it offers a terminal with the newest processor of the apple bitten in a packaging seen a thousand and one times, typical of a terminal of several generations ago, but that stands out in daily operation and in performance (not so in the camera, if this is your priority … run, fool!). But it is an excellent option for tighter pockets, who need to renew their old terminal but cannot (or do not want to) pay a month’s salary on a new smartphone.

It is not the first time that Apple is committed to launching a more economical range of its devices (we saw it with the extinct ‘c’ line of smartphones, which made plastic their primary material, although it ended up disappearing due to overheating problems suffered by the terminals over time). But it seems that the experiment with this EW 2020 can set a precedent and be extrapolated to other products of the bitten apple ecosystem. 

How would a high-performance Mac with certain shortcomings be received, for half the price? It is good ground for Apple not only to be able to expand to a less elitist audience without losing its hallmark, but it is also a brilliant way to strengthen its position among the mid/high range terminals, where Apple used to be discarded from the beginning. Of course, everything will end depending on the reception it has over the months, and the current context, no matter how drastic the price reduction is, does not seem ideal to make the iPhone SE take off as an alternative that sees the birth of a lineage of cheaper products.

Answering the question: the iPhone SE 2020 is worth it, but you must be aware at all times of what it sacrifices. If it is enough for you, do not think about it, it is a safe purchase. If your current terminal has not been used for a year and is working correctly, it may be best to wait and see what the market holds shortly.

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