Is it better to buy a gamer notebook or desktop PC?

At the time of taking the decision to buy a team to begin to enter the world of gaming and, if you do not prefer consoles to play, two alternatives arise, build a desktop PC with custom components or buy a gamer notebook that can deliver acceptable performance. As well as that it can offer a good value for money in terms of the performance that it may have in the processing of the graphics.

In addition, it is also very important to consider the comfort offered by the experience of using one or the other alternative. And the way in which the resources are used in the final complementation between the components, the peripherals and each of the games they decide to play must also be taken into account.

Therefore, if you are in doubt about the convenience of buying a desktop PC or buying a gamer notebook Next, we are going to tell you more about what are the advantages and disadvantages of each option. And we are also going to give you some recommendations to be able to choose the best alternative within each area.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a gaming notebook

First of allThey should bear in mind that not all the equipment that promise to be “gamer” and that claim to have the necessary characteristics to process the graphics of modern games are really like this. On the contrary, there are many notebooks that just because they have a more aggressive design and LED lighting on the keyboard are called “gamer”, they do not have the components or the necessary structure to achieve real results in the processing of the graphics.

A team that offers real performance and that has excellent characteristics is, for example, the Acer Predator. In addition to having several models within the range, in which some minor aspects change, so they can get a lower price, although they reduce the overall performance.

If you consider, for example, the model of Acer Predator, have the advantage that it is a compact computer in which excellent components were included, such as its 16 GB of RAM or its latest generation Intel i7 processor. Plus it has a dedicated graphics card. However, its disadvantage is that it does not have as much storage space, although it must be taken into account that it is a solid state disk, making it the best alternative on the market.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing a desktop PC

As for the alternative of choosing a desktop PC, they must consider that the final cost of buying each component separately and of assembling a computer is much higher. In addition to that they must have the necessary knowledge to be able to assemble the PC in the correct way and to complement the components well with each other.

First of all, they should get a cabinet that has good ventilation and that supports a good cooling system, so you should also know about this. Then next they need to look for a motherboard that supports the components they want and is modern enough to fit future changes they can perform.

Finally, They must choose the components in a particular way and better determine which ones are supported by their motherboard and which are the best for them according to their budget.. In order to determine these points, it is necessary to have at least basic knowledge about electronics and computers.

Thus, it can be determined that while it is possible to build a more stable, better-ventilated computer (because there is more space for components), it is also more difficult and expensive to build such a computer on your own. It is for this reason that it is, in part, somewhat less convenient.

In conclusion, If you want to start in the world of gaming in a simpler and more concrete way, the best alternative is to buy a gamer notebook. On the other hand, if you want to take a challenge and want to get a probably higher performance, you can build your own desktop PC, although you should consider that it is much more difficult.

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