Kara Pure – to transform ar into water

A water is two bens more essenciais and sem ela we can not live. Independently we buy jugs of water or we throw ourselves into the torneira, to the truth that we always have water at home. More like Kara Pure we have another way of pulling water.

With this equipment all water that will be assembled from the origin of the house. Second to brand and first ar dispenser for rich alkaline water in the world.

Kara Pure - to transform ar into water

This equipment transforms or turns your house into water with a pH of 9.2+. Or it is hardened and filtered and gives rise to water that will be coated. Or Kara Pure managed to add 10 liters of water per day through it.

This water dispenser, second informs to mark, capture or remove any impurity from this. Then the clean goes through a process of changing the temperature, going from heat to cold and finally it is condensed giving origin to water.

Or detail (more) gadget?

As well as transforming it into clean and potential water, or Kara Pure also works as a deumidifier or capturing non-humidified water. Assim that humidade not to lower two 25% or equipment and detached.

Kara Pure - to transform ar into water

Depois da filtragem do ar, this equipment, second informs the brand, adds seven minerais essenciais à agua, making this more saudável. Some mineral desses are either calcium, magnesium, lithium or zinc.

Everything or equipment filters and purifies water in different processes. This UV-C sterilizer ensures that the water is fresh and clean, eliminating any bacteria, and automatically sterilizing in four to four hours.

Kara Pure - to transform ar into water

It does not require any installation, item such as dimensions 107 cm x 22 cm x 40 cm and its weight is 35 kg.

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