Lenovo brings artificial intelligence (Lenovo ThinkEdge) to business

Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG) has just announced the expansion of its product portfolio Lenovo ThinkEdge with the introduction of the new ThinkEdge SE450 server, which brings an artificial intelligence (AI) platform directly to the edge to accelerate access to business-meaningful information.

The ThinkEdge SE450 server powers intelligent edge capabilities with the best AI-enabled technology that enables meaningful insights faster, as well as bringing unmatched processing power to more environments to accelerate real-time decision-making at the edge and deploy the full potential of the business.

“To solve real-world challenges, all companies, regardless of size, need high-capacity infrastructure solutions, right at the edge, that enable them to more quickly obtain meaningful information to develop competitive business strategies,” said Charles Ferrand. , Vice President and General Manager, Edge Computing and Communication Service Providers, Lenovo ISG. “With the ThinkEdge SE450 server, and in collaboration with our broad ecosystem of partners, Lenovo is delivering on the promise of bringing Artificial Intelligence to the edge, either by offering greater connectivity for smart cities to detect and respond to traffic accidents or allowing the manufacturing industry to detect predictive maintenance needs in production lines ”.

Accelerate business insights at the edge

Edge computing is at the center of the digital transformation of many industries looking to optimize the way they process data directly at the source. Gartner estimates that by 2025 75% of business-generated data will be processed at the edge, and that by 2022 80% of IoT (Internet of Things) projects will incorporate AI. Lenovo customers are using data sources from the edge to make immediate decisions in manufacturing plants, supermarket shelves, on city streets, and mobile communication centers. Lenovo’s comprehensive ThinkEdge product portfolio extends beyond the data center and offers the best experience in computing power at the edge.

“Extending our cloud to company premises accelerates data processing while improving resilience, performance and user experience. As an early testing partner, our current Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 server deployment is hosting a 5G network at edge sites and bringing new edge applications to enterprises, ”said Khaled Al Suwaidi, Vice President, Fixed Division and Mobile Core from Etisalat. “This server offers us a compact and robust platform with the performance necessary to host our telecommunications infrastructure and bring applications such as distance education to users.”


Better performance, scalability and security

Designed to overcome the limitations imposed by the sites where servers are installed, the ThinkEdge SE450 server is scalable and provides meaningful real-time information, increased throughput, and flexible deployment capabilities capable of processing multiple AI workloads. In addition, it is compatible with the requirements of a wide variety of critical workloads in a special equipment that is quieter, more portable and shallower, easily installed in confined spaces.

The server, with a large GPU, was specifically built to meet the needs of edge environments of various vertical industries with a robust design that withstands a wide range of operating temperatures, as well as dust, movement and vibration environments. that present adverse conditions. One of the first NVIDIA certified edge systems, Lenovo’s ThinkEdge SE 450 server uses NVIDIA GPUs for edge AI business and industrial applications, delivering top-speed performance.

Security at the edge is critical, and Lenovo helps enterprises confidently navigate the edge-to-cloud border with more secure and resilient infrastructure solutions developed to mitigate security risks and data threats. The ThinkEdge portfolio of products offers a variety of connectivity and security options for easy deployment and secure management in today’s remote environments, including a new security lock to prevent unauthorized access and robust security capabilities to better protect data.

ThinkEdge SE450 incorporates the new 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor with Intel’s Deep Learning Boost technology, including storage all-flash to run AI and analytics tools at the edge optimized for intelligence. This server has been evaluated and rated as Intel® Select Solution for vRAN by Intel. This pre-validated solution takes the guesswork out of the evaluation and purchase process by meeting very strictly defined software configuration requirements and performance benchmarks for the entire system to speed up installation and reduce risk that could affect to telecommunications service providers.

“Our collaboration with Lenovo helps companies across multiple industries increase business value through network transformation and edge computing,” said Jeni Panhorst, vice president and general manager of Intel’s Network & Edge Platforms Division. “Flexible and resilient edge servers with third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors deliver superior performance that enables innovative AI-based services to be brought where customers expect them.”

The location of sites at the edge is often managed remotely, as well as being in hard-to-reach places. Therefore, the ThinkEdge SE450 is installed and managed automatically by Lenovo Open Cloud Automation (LOC-A) and is easily configured with the help of Lenovo XClarity Orchestrator software. Remote access to the server, through wired or wireless completely out-of-band access, avoids having to travel unnecessarily to sites at the edge.

AI Supported Solutions at the Edge

Designed using an agile hardware development approach that involved partners and customers, Lenovo ThinkEdge SE450 is the culmination of multiple prototypes, with live testing and real workloads in the telecommunications, retail and smart cities sectors.

The AI-ready ThinkEdge SE450 server was specifically designed so that a broad ecosystem of partners could help their customers more easily implement these edge solutions. At a time when enterprises are taking their hybrid infrastructures from the cloud to the edge, this is the perfect extension to the on-premises cloud and is currently supported by technologies from Microsoft, NVIDIA, Red Hat, and VMware.

With a broad portfolio of edge servers, storage, and AI-ready solutions, Lenovo products are also available as a service through Lenovo TruScale ™, which easily extends workloads from the edge to the cloud using a model based on consumption.

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