LG wants its OLED TVs to improve dramatically in 2022. How will it do it?

CES 2022 is just around the corner. And with the arrival of a new edition of the Consumer Electronic Show, it is normal for renowned firms to advance their news. For example, Samsung has announced that their 2022 QLED Smart TVs will have support for HDR10 + Gaming, the new HDR standard for video game lovers. And his great rival LG introduced its new generation of transparent televisions. But it seems that the Korean firm has more aces up its sleeve.

More than anything because, via the manufacturer’s communication agency, we have found out that LG has introduced a new technology for its OLED Smart TVs to improve the brightness level, in addition to offering better image quality.

In the previous season, LG announced a great evolution in terms of the manufacture of its OLED panels for high-end Smart TV models under the name EVO. As they explained, this would be able to offer up to 20% more luminosity thanks to the addition of layers of extra organic material.

Well, with CES 2022 just around the corner, LG is preparing to present what will be its new improvement, which is called OLED EX and that will leave us with a new season of brighter panels and with the ability to compete with high-end LCD-LED Smart TVs.

Your OLED Smart TVs will be brighter, thinner and more efficient

The acronym OLED EX stands for Evolution and eXperiencie, and its mission is to extend the life of OLED technology by ending what is its main weak point, the lack of luminosity.

In order to solve it, have integrated a new generation of deuterium compounds into their panels in addition to new algorithms that together, can stabilize light-emitting organic compounds, which would improve efficiency and durability while increasing performance and light-emitting capabilities.

According the first data provided by LG in a short press release, the luminosity will improve by 30%. And as for its new algorithms, they have the ability to predict patterns in images, which will help better control the light, detail and colors shown on the screen.

The 65-inch OLED EX panels will be able to reduce bezels from 6mm to 4mm, 30% that would leave us with new, finer formats and televisions capable of offering a more immersive experience.

As for the estimated date for the arrival of this technology to the new LG televisions, for the moment ireport that it is integrating it into the production processes of its factories in Guangzhou and Paju pIn order to start manufacturing from the second quarter of next 2022.

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