Lidl robot vacuum cleaner – Map and scrub your house at a scandal price

In Spain, firms already established, such as Xiaomi or Roborock, sell their robot vacuum cleaners. But the supermarket chain Lidl also has a good deal on these devices, which we have previously seen in El ESPAÑOL – Omicron. Now he tries again with the Deebot N8 robot vacuum cleaner.

A robot vacuum cleaner with a mopping function, an OZMO cleaning system, and a suction power of up to 2,300 Pa. In-store online by Lidl, this robot is sold for 399 euros in a single white color. However, this is a complete device for the price it carries.

To show a button. It has its application and uses a mapping system, True Mapping, to create maps of the home so that cleaning is much more efficient. Plus, it uses an OZMO-powered scrubbing system that vacuums and scrubs at the same time to get things done much faster.

Lidl robot vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming reaches noise levels of 67 decibels, with a 3,200 mAh battery that takes 4 hours to charge and an approximate autonomy of 110 minutes. It measures 35.3 x 35.3 x 9.3 centimeters, weighs 3.6 kilos, and is made mainly of plastic. The ECOVACS firm signs it.

The OZMO technology offers four humidity levels in the scrubbing and depending on the type of floor. The application can establish it straightforwardly, and its water tank covers a sufficient amount to apply the scrubbing to large surfaces. It is also compatible with smart home automation devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa speakers.

Lidl robot vacuum cleaner

It has carpet detection, increasing the vacuum power and deactivating the scrubbing power. It has flexible brushes to remove the most embedded dust from carpets in its Max + mode, and it also allows you to vacuum other elements such as pet hair, such as cats and dogs.

For environment scanning, the N8 makes use of DToF laser sensors for more efficient planning of the cleaning route. Home mapping is done in just a few seconds, and you can store up to two different maps by scanning multiple maps. The application allows you to configure all the rooms and which ones should be cleaned.

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