Midea Carrier explains what split air conditioning looks like

When we talk about air conditioningThe first thing we think about is the wall split, since it is the most common to see in houses and apartments. But how does it work? How to choose the right one? How much do you consume?

Let’s start with what a split air conditioning. As the expert from Midea, this type of air conditioners has two separate units, an outdoor unit located on the facades of the houses and another indoor unit located inside the home.

The latter is the split, which is usually an elongated device. Inside is the evaporator, which is responsible for extracting the hot air and transferring its heat to the refrigerant gas. We also find the fan that distributes the flow of cooled air to the home and the temperature sensors connected to a thermostat to know the temperature of the room.

On the other hand, there is the outdoor unit that is responsible for expelling the hot air from inside the house to the outside. In this unit we find the condenser where the refrigerant gas goes from gas to liquid.

How does the air conditioning work?

With the air conditioning components clear, let’s review their operation a little more in detail.

According to Dreano, the operation of the air conditioning is very simple, “it is a cyclical process where the gas is transformed from liquid to gas and vice versa thanks to the refrigerant gases”.

The steps that our air conditioning follows to transform the hot air in a room into cold air is called the refrigeration cycle and is as follows: the air conditioning extracts the hot air from the room thanks to a fan, this air circulates through tubes where the coolant is found. In this process, the liquid goes into a gaseous state where heat is absorbed and the liquid evaporates and condenses, resulting in cold air.

This happens because the hot air is pushed by the compressor and generates heat. The excess heat is expelled to the outside, outside the fan.

Inverter technology

What is the consumption of an air conditioner?

If you are thinking of choosing one air conditioner or another, you should look at the consumption of each one so as not to pay more on your bill, so it is important to know how much an air conditioner consumes.

In addition to this, we must also look at the needs we have, since it is not the same to want to cool a small room or a larger room, and on energy efficiency because it will mean less or greater consumption.

Midea Xtreme Save

The last air conditioner that Midea launched in the local market is the Xtreme Save and stands out for its high energy efficiency. This equipment has Inverter Quattro technology, which allows you to save up to 71% in electricity consumption, when compared to conventional equipment. This represents a giant leap compared to the equipment that existed a decade ago.

It includes anti-allergy and anti-odor filters, it has a self-cleaning function and also Air Magic technology, which allows you to clean the air using millions of positive and negative ions that capture bacteria and dust.

split wall conditioner

Finally, Dreano tells us that “air conditioning is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity and the Midea Xtreme Save is proof that it is available to everyone”.


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