mini computer with different options of ‘recheio’

There are several mini computers on the market and there are still some specifications similar to some older desktops. That is the case of One PC, given by One Studios, a compact PC with specifications that make it interesting.


There are several escorts that can be built on this computer, having three processor models and different options relative to memories that have 1 TB.

mini computer with different options of 'recheio'

At a processor level we can choose between the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 of 11 Gen, according to what we like the most and what we need the most. We cannot deduce that this is a mini PC and we cannot specify an advanced processor as well as for money.

At the graphics card level, this One PC has an Intel Iris Xe motherboard, which second to brand, together with Intel Core i7 allows faster performance speeds in all functions.

Or detail (more) gadget?

This One PC manages to support all three ecrãs, also creating more possibilities of use. Second to brand, it is possible to link via HDMI, DP and USB-C.

mini computer with different options of 'recheio'

At the memory level, this mini computer offers different options, such as 8 GB of RAM with 256 GB of ROM, or 16 GB plus 512 GB, or even 16 GB plus 1 TB.

Or One PC has a board that can easily be removed to alter certain components. The brand informs that at the level of RAM memory this can be up to 64 GB and up to 4 TB storage memory.

mini computer with different options of 'recheio'

This PC tem Windows 11, WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0. Its dimensions are 13.5 cm x 4 cm x 13 cm, thundering or quite compact.

This project is still in the concept phase and is waiting for the crowdfunding objective of Indiegogo to be reached. We will see if it will be possible, one day I will see this mini PC working.

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