oh my friend, two lovers of plants – Noku Canvas

For someone who wants to have several plants at home, or available space can become a complication, a glass for each plant can be somewhat uncomfortable. Shirinoku created Noku Canvas to think about our problems that a plant keeper can do.

This product has hexagons that can be easily installed on any wall and small so that your plants are well organized and occupy both space with no balcony or table.

oh my friend, two lovers of plants - Noku Canvas

To its installation and simple, second informs the brand, it is enough to place or support the wall through two two adhesives and place or Noku Canvas. The plant comes with a glass specially designed for this equipment.

Adhesives that hold or support do not damage the wall and can be removed and repositioned on our side, allowing you to barter at the disposal of plants whenever you want and with ease.

Or detail (more) gadget?

A plant requires essential care. Like Noku Canvas, it is secured, pois tem a auto rega system. In order to do this, it will only be possible to attach or deposit each module, and each module will be secured with a built-in cotton wool hair.

This equipment has a water reservoir, which second to brand, assembles to water for three weeks and we manage to assure the quantity of water still present through a meter on the front side.

The front material is all made from recycled plastic, the equipment is divided into five parts: a support, or water reservoir, on the front, or Noku glass with a cover on its own.

oh my friend, two lovers of plants - Noku Canvas

Or Noku Canvas allows the roots of the plants to unfold freely, without causing any difficulty. You can also create the combinations that you want and it works as any plant, second to brand, having glasses attached to 8 cm.

O Noku Canvas is still in the process of crowdfunding on Kickstarter but the brand hopes to start delivering it in March 2022.

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