Recharge All Your Devices on a Single Base Thanks To The Yomeng Charging Station

 Recharge All Your Devices on a Single Base Thanks To The Yomeng Charging Station

Sometimes we have the problem that our desk is full of cables because every time we have more gadgets to recharge almost daily as for example our iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods … To be able to have a better order on our desk, the most advisable is opted for a 3-in-1 charging station to recharge all our devices in an elegant and efficient way. On this occasion, we have had the opportunity to test the YOMENG loading station although at Amazon we can find a great variety of very interesting and economical alternatives.

With this Yomeng charging station you will recharge all your gadgets comfortably

This charging base is characterized by its incredible design. It is minimalist and the black color gives it enough elegance to be able to have it in our home without it highlighting too much. The operation is very simple since it uses the charging system by induction for our iPhone so we simply have to support our iPhone compatible with the Qi standard so that it starts to recharge. Obviously, you can place an iPhone or any other device compatible with this charging system.
Recharge All Your Devices on a Single Base Thanks To The Yomeng Charging Station

Personally, I like to recharge my iPhone wirelessly because the battery ultimately suffers less than if we recharge it by cable or using fast charging and that is why I opted for this station. It is also compatible with fast induction charging up to 10W for compatible devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S10.
In addition to recharging your phone also incorporates support so you can install the charging base of your Apple Watch so you can place it here and begin to recharge without having scattered at home the charger of your smartwatch. Also for the position of this stand, we can use it on our bedside table because we can see the time perfectly.
The other device that we use to recharge daily are AirPods and this station also has a place dedicated to the AirPods case with a Lightning connection so we can connect them in a very simple way. It is important to detail that in order to guarantee a good power supply, there is a USB-C input which is something to value.
This charging base for us is more than adequate incorporating the possibility of charging your iPhone wirelessly with the rest of your gadgets. In Amazon, we can find it for 42.99 but right now it is in a flash offer that will end in a few hours of 15% so if you are fast you can find it for $26.49 here.
If you are looking for something cheaper there is another charging base that I have also tried to recharge the iPhone using the company’s proprietary cable that has an Amazon price of 14.44 in the flash offer, but that of normal has a price of $19.99  You can buy this HOMMIESAFE charging base here. 

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