Samsung launches tuppers in the shape of Tetris pieces to avoid food waste

No matter how old you are: sure what have you ever played to Tetris. East popular video game that has hooked both children and adults in Spain has served as inspiration for all kinds of technological products. Samsung has wanted to do the same by partnering with the popular video game by launching its own collection of ‘tuppers’ shaped like pieces of Tetris.

As announced by the company itself, these Samsung Stackers they are basically small containers in the shape of tetrominos, term by which the geometric shapes that give life to these pieces are known. Tetrominoes are, basically, shaped geometric shapes by 4 squares connected to each other, these being the I, the O, the Z, the T and the L (letters associated by the shapes of the tetrominos themselves).

The Samsung Stackers will encompass all shapes of Tetris pieces, including their original colors. The idea is obvious: that the user can store food in these ‘tuppers’ and store them in the same way in which the original Tetris pieces are stacked, managing not only to save space, but to reduce, according to the company, the waste of meal.

Tetris ‘Tuppers’

Samsung explains that these tetromino-shaped ‘tuppers’ have a clear objective: to reduce food waste. And it is that according to the company, these containers allow to better optimize the space for leftover food, making more efficient use of the space inside the refrigerator and thus avoid throwing food in the long run. The Korean firm assures that waste levels have increased as a result of the pandemic.

Samsung Stackers.

So much is the commitment of this product to the problem of waste that Samsung has announced that all the benefits obtained from this product will end at the European Federation of Food Banks. The complete set of parts will cost 25 euros and in addition, for the purchase of each Bespoke refrigerator from December 28 to February 28, Samsung will donate up to 10 euros to the Federation and help those affected by the Cumbre Vieja de La Palma disaster.

They can be purchased in Spain and the entire set of pieces will have the original colors of the tetrominoes in the video game, such as orange, red, green, purple, blue, yellow and light blue. A curious product that arrives just in the last days of the year and at the peak of the 2021 Christmas campaign.

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