Sony ZV-E10 – High-quality camera for vlogging

If you are looking for a product to accompany you on your adventures or want to tell stories, I tell you that the Sony ZV-E10, a camera with interchangeable lenses especially for vloggers.

East new model is intended for the same users or content creators, but this time incorporates interchangeable lenses and a APS-C sensor, proposal that allows a much higher quality in any light situation.

Review the most important features in addition to the experience using this product at Zoom Technology.

Main features of the camera for vlogs

The ZV-E10 is intended for those users who want to achieve videos with an artistic appearance and in a product that is easy to handle. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to discover high quality images thanks to the 24.2MP Exmor CMOS sensor that is capable of recording content in 4K in addition to adding some color adjustments in its configuration.

In line with this, this camera has the S-Log3 function which is used by other Alpha Series cameras to obtain creative tones as well as a wide dynamic range to control the final color.

Added to this is the opportunity to record 4K HDR videos with lifelike, natural colors, this without the need to edit them or perform color post-production.

Sony Camera vlog

Sony’s vlog camera allows vertical video recording, a very good idea that allows you to upload this content and adapt it to smartphone screens, improving stories or content from different social networks.

Among other notable aspects that the Sony ZV-E10 The possibility of photographing images with a softly out of focus background is mentioned, an idea that allows the subject or object to stand out before the background, achieving a result that is pleasing to the eye and typical of a professional studio.

Clearly this product is designed for the new batch of youtubers who want to give a more professional appearance, significantly improving the work that is done in each recording.

ZV-E10 camera

Additionally, its variable angle LCD screen and side opening stand out, something very practical if we want to put external microphones on the top shoe of the camera.

Sony ZV-E10 with interchangeable lenses

The Sony ZV-E10 It is a product of photography and digital video that draws powerfully attention because it is a simple product and that allows you to achieve professional results, if you want to make a high quality video or stream your favorite program, you will realize that with this camera in simple steps you can record or dispose of your content.

Along these lines, we must highlight the sensor much larger than the 1-inch one that the previous version had and of course the mount E That allows us to change our objectives and use the one that best suits us at all times.

In this sense, if you have other E-mount lenses, you will be able to get the most out of the brightness, depth of field or whatever factor you want, since this product will give you simple results and in the shortest possible time.

Sony ZV-e10

Opinion and highlights of the camera

The Sony ZV-E10 comes to the rescue of content creators, offering a simple, clean, lightweight and compact design. It is an interesting product since it offers the possibility of exchanging lenses and achieving professional results in recordings and photographs.

The international firm has us accustomed to its excellent autofocus system and it allows us to keep the subject in focus for a long time. It is a very simple product to handle and stands out for its simplicity when starting high-quality recordings.

POSITIVE about the Sony ZV-E10: It can be used as a webcam and used to stream content, it incorporates a simple interface shoe to include the new microphones as well as a 3.5 mm jack for all types of microphones. It also has a high recording quality.

Bad points Sony ZV-E10: It does not have a viewfinder to take pictures, it does not have a built-in flash, something that many users use.

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