Talent evaluation is done through the Metaverse

Nawaiam, one of the world-renowned gamification technology companies for the Human Resources area, has just announced simultaneously in its Madrid and Miami offices the launch of the second season of the video game that in just 15 minutes detects the profile of people’s behaviors. This tool is proposed as a model similar to Netflix, where through each season (new editions of the video game), new technologies are incorporated into its test. In this way, the company is a pioneer and avant-garde worldwide, by using metaverse technology for the evaluation of professional talents.

Broadly speaking, the metaverse consists of a virtual world that will be accessed through a virtual reality viewer. The idea is to create a space similar to the internet, but in which users, through digital avatars, can walk inside, and where they can interact with each other, in real time.

The avatars obtained great popularity thanks to gaming, an industry that is preparing with everything to stomp in this market to make a evaluation of professional talents.

Tech companies have turned their attention to the future of the internet. One of the great stakeholders is Facebook (the future Meta), which has made this project one of its main objectives.


Talent evaluation thanks to gamification

With less than two years in the market, the first season of Nawaiam is already used in 15 countries by companies such as Epson, McDonald’s, Coca Cola, Bimbo, NotCo, Oxford, Bayer, Iberdrola, Telefónica / Movistar, Insud Pharma, Alain Affleou, AbInBev, among many others, to evaluate their talents. Through a video game that proposes an adventure based on an unprecedented climate catastrophe, challenges the external candidate or internal collaborator, to save the greatest number of lives, in a story where he simulates, together with the person who plays it, to occupy the heroine / hero role. Organizations use this tool for two major processes: talent attraction and talent evaluation, such as the internal evaluation of employees.

Today, this company founded by Javier Krawicki and Horacio Llovet, already anticipates the type of technology that it will use in its second season.

“Within our culture is the constant reinvention, uniting and connecting people with the responsible use of technology. We believe that we can be a beautiful bridge between people and technology. Always, the human factor is and will be the priority and what makes the difference. From Nawaiam we try to bring the future to the present, helping our clients to innovate quickly, according to the evolution of the market, but above all, to the generational changes ”, mentions Javier Krawicki, co-founder of Nawaiam.

Tech talents talent assessment

Companies such as Facebook, Apple, Alibaba, Sony, Epic Games (owner of Fortnite), Roblox, Nvidia, Microsoft, Tik Tok, among others, are investing billions to position themselves as gateways to this alternative dimension.

“We feel that the metaverse will be one of the great paradigm shifts of technology in the medium and long term. At the time it was the internet, and now we intuit that something similar will happen with metaverse. For this reason, a large part of our Innovation and Technology team is working on the second season of Nawaiam, which will be with this technology ”, indicates Krawicki.

A report from Bloomberg Intelligence indicated last July that the metaverse already amounts to 500 billion dollars. It is the universe parallel to the physical world, made up of interconnected virtual worlds, where human beings can live an alternative existence. By the middle of the decade, they say, it will reach 800 billion. And it will reach 2.5 trillion by 2030.

“We are a techno-human company that strongly believes in the power of people’s skills, abilities and behaviors, and that is why today, evolving with our behavioral test through metaverse, guarantees us to continue providing our clients with a differential service where they will always have constant innovation ”, indicates Horacio Llovet, co-Founder of Nawaiam.

As with the current internet, this new internet in three dimensions —Matrix, metaverse, parallel universe, or whatever one chooses to call it—, will change the way of seeing everything forever, even the understanding of what life itself is.

“Imagine being playing Nawaiam within the metaverse and after a few minutes, and after a fun and playful adventure, after taking your glasses off, you already have a behavioral profile. The first season of our gaming is already a great experience, so this second season will be revolutionary ”, Llovet concludes.

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