Technological innovations for home security

Security systems rely more and more on high technology, achieving powerful allies that allow a rapid response to possible intrusions in homes and commercial establishments.

Devices that are easily installed, without cables or complex systems, and that incorporate unique, cutting-edge technology have made it possible to improve the security of properties and create increasingly effective strategies for prevention and detection.

“For us at Verisure, security systems must deal with 4 key issues: deter, detect, verify and intervene, four barriers that must be covered with the best technology that allows rapid action, both to prevent and avoid intrusions”, says the Director of Operations of verification.

technological innovations

Relevant technological innovations

Zero visibility

Although thieves can use various techniques and tools, there is one that they cannot do without to commit theft: the view.

Today, there are devices and systems operated by security companies that help ward off criminals by blocking their vision and keeping property protected remotely in the event of a proven intrusion.

“In Verisure, we have a ZeroVisiona system capable of filling the room with dense smoke that blocks the intruder’s vision and gives time to protect the place while the Security Forces arrive,” comments Ignacio Algarra.

Advanced video surveillance

Video surveillance has advanced to improve security. When using this type of system, you have to make sure that it has technology that allows you to obtain the best results.

“Camera surveillance systems have evolved over the years in the same way as smartphones and other devices. Today advances allow for FULL HD resolution, color night vision, wide viewing angles, cloud storage, high-quality two-way audio, and the distinction between people, animals, and vehicles. A system of this type should include”, explains the security specialist.

High-tech sensors

Shock, movement, or perimeter sensors are critical components of an alarm. In general, intrusions are usually carried out through accessible access routes to buildings, such as windows and doors, so shock sensors must be installed in main access points. Steps and movements typical of walking are some of the vibrations that these systems can detect.

“The photodetectors have an infrared motion sensor, a micro-camera, and a white LED flash. These act before an alarming jump, which is also verified by a monitoring specialist who analyzes the images, taking a burst of photos that allows detecting activities and see if they are unauthorized movements”, says the expert.

Finally, perimeter sensors are developed to protect the exteriors of homes and businesses: terraces, pools, gardens, patios, etc.



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