This Samsung portable projector is a mix of smart speaker and Smart TV

Users of home automation devices is tend to choose the devices in their home very well. Choosing a projector not too big, orn smart speaker relatively small for your bedroom and Samsung has presented an ideal solution in the context of CES 2021: the portable projector ‘The Freestyle’.

This is a projector that also integrates capabilities of smart speaker. All this with a Smart TV interface for the part of the projector, and with intelligent functions to be able to use it on any surface without major inconveniences. In other words, it is an extremely compact hybrid between speaker, projector and smart TV.

Its size should not be misleading: it is capable of producing an image with a size up to 100 inches with a Full HD resolution. In addition, it works with Bixby, the virtual assistant of the Korean firm, which will serve to take advantage of the other devices of Samsung’s home automation ecosystem even more.

A powerful projector

This projector follows an idea similar to that of some televisions in the range lifestyle from Samsung, like The Sero or The Sherif. It is the form factor of the projector that makes it so interesting since it works thanks to a mobile stand that allows it to be used in several different positions.

The Freestyle.

It is a projector that emits an image in Full HD, and its emission range goes from 30 to 100 inches. It weighs 830 grams and has a micro HDMI and USB-C connector, as well as a switch to cancel the microphone so that it does not hear our voice. An external battery can be connected via type C, and it supports charging up to 50W, so despite being screwed to the base, it is totally portable.

The key to this projector is that it uses the same Smart TV interface that Samsung televisions integrate. That is, it has platforms for streaming, send content from our smartphone and download applications. On the other hand, being a smart speaker, it is not necessary to connect an external speaker if it is not necessary.

Hybrid between speaker and projector.

Additionally, the projector image is automatically adjusted to any surface using keystone correction and automatic leveling. The focus is also automatic and at the audio level, the projector includes a passive dual woofer with 360 degree surround sound.

Price and availability

For now, this projector will be released mainly in United States at a price of $900. Samsung has ensured that this projector will reach the rest of the world, so it is a matter of time before it ends up arriving in Spain, yes, surely at a direct price conversion.

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